17 DECEMBER 2019

Gala de Vallformosa commemorates the luxurious 20's with a special and limited edition

Vallformosa pays homage to the Art Deco of the 1920's with the launch of a special edition of the Gala cava.

With the arrival of the new year 2020, the centennial of the crazy and happy 20's is celebrated, a time of luxury and great parties where fashion, art and architecture also broke molds. To honor this golden age, Vallformosa creates a special edition with a more "vintage" design within the Gala collection.

During the 1920's, after the end of World War I, nights in big cities like New York or London were filled with spectacular parties, in the style of the "Great Gatsby". Sparkling wines filled the glasses of stylish young men who dressed in glamor and danced wildly. The Vallformosa Gala today is also a good accompaniment to parties like the Gatsby, but also to accompany gastronomic moments.

The design of this new Gala combines white and gold, forming a marbled original, typical of the Art Deco of the 20's. Marble was one of the most used materials at this time, either by large architectural projects, to decorate the luxury homes in the United States or through the creation of artistic sculptures. This texture gives the Gala an elegant, casual and luxurious look.

The Gala Brut Nature is a Reserve with a minimum aging period of 24 months. Even the coupage is special, designed exclusively for this limited edition. Made with the selection of the best grapes from the Penedès vineyards, it is the highest expression of quality.

The Gala is a well-balanced round cava. It maintains fruity and floral notes with its own aging, with a fine charcoal. Elegance and volume with good balance. Intense and bright straw-yellow, this enchanting cava offers an extensive record of notes. The fleshy spring fruits with bone stand out. And also those of toast and a small brush of flower honey. It is very tasty and has a great roundness and good acidity. Recommended to accompany a whole meal. Ideal for harmonizing with baked fish, seaside ranches and even bird dishes. Serve at 6ºC. All a luxury of gold that offers to a RRP of only 20 euros.